|Flowers of December|

Hi! Happy days and nights to every soul out there who's reading this. Well, I wanted to ask all of you like how do you guys manage to deal with the sudden outburst of this so called thing Life. I pretty much hate things that blocks my energy and dominates over my free flowing nature … Continue reading |Flowers of December|

Sally in mustard

Hey all my lovelies! Hope all of you're having a great time and also, it's spring or you can say, summers (in Delhi) so time to bloom like a beautiful flower, enjoy the breeze and sip a cup of coffee while you groove in that song of yours. Well, that's what Spring is for me. … Continue reading Sally in mustard

The Tale from Persia 

Hello October! Autumn is almost here and so are the lovely colours and festive seasons all over the world. I'm in love with this season since my childhood and also, this is my birthday month which automatically creates a soft spot. Well, this month I've collaborated with an amazing designer Rajdeep Ranawat and got the … Continue reading The Tale from Persia 

Casual kinda Chic 

As I was strolling through the streets of Lodhi Colony, I just couldn't resist the beautiful work of the Art District located near Meherchand Market. One surely should visit this place if you've a taste for art and creativity. Anyway, Hi guys! Hope all of you're doing great likewise. I've been caught up with so … Continue reading Casual kinda Chic 

Rethink Desi!

Hello my dearies, I suppose everyone is enjoying the unpredictable monsoon weather. Well, I just want all of you to pray for everyone who has been suffering from the flood across the country, specially the north-east region. All we can do is pray and wish for the well being of every soul present in the … Continue reading Rethink Desi!

Into the city of ruins

I just had no idea that I would actually visit this amazing site of India. I'm basically a core believer of any kind of religion and its mythology. I am love to explore and read about various mythology regarding any kind of place and religion as they are so intriguing. Hence, I decided to make … Continue reading Into the city of ruins