Oh White!

This post has been shot after like a very long time. It is basically all about the existence of both black and white or good and bad. The Hermetic Principle of Polarity or Duality.

The past few months have been quite tough for a person like me as I was all drawn towards the negativity and the darkness of this world. Constant yells of Help and shouts of cry from inside yet all sunny from outside. The final conclusion was that it was all me who created this whole scenery of darkness in my life. And that made me realise a lot of things like there will always be darkness for the brightness to shine, always bad will strive through for the good to conquer and there can never be white without black.

So this post is basically conceptualised upon this principle of Hermetics which is known as the The Principle of Polarity or Yin and Yang in the Chinese culture. Hope you enjoy this series.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this series. I just wanted to let the pictures talk. Let me know about your views and please like and subscribe.

Styling by Me (https://instagram.com/p/BW-UvtqHfsO/)

Photography by Prerona Dutta.

Much love

Archita 💖


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