Streetcat Bonfire

I know the name itself speaks the theme. I was inspired by the stray dogs and cats celebrating their lives just the way it came to them and wherever it came. They are an inspiration for lot many things in life. I hope whoever is reading this, will relate to them and get inspired just like I am.
It's not easy for humans to adjust however and wherever it is cause we have so many emotions attached to ourselves, so many wants we have in life. We are never satisfied with what we have, I myself do that a lot of times and I end up losing myself along with everything else.
Hence, this post is an inspired outfit post. I hope we all get the enough courage to live life as it comes and in a way which we exactly wanted to.
Life is good if you take it the way it comes.
Acceptance is the key for happiness.

Below are the pictures for the following post. I hope you like it.

Outfit details

Dress- Zara

Track Pants- Forever21

Shoes- Thrift Shop at Gk, Delhi

Bag- Colaba, Bombay

Jewellery- Colaba, Bombay

Concept styling and editing by me.
Photographs by Deeksha Tiwari.


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