Love, from the 80s

Hello Babies.

I hope all of you're doing wonderfully good with life. It's been sometime as all of you know I'm very irregular with my blog posts cause of so many factors of my life, which I've been trying to avoid lately. That's how life works right, think positive but also accept what's going on. A bet close friend of mine once told me long back, To live in the present. Well, that's what we have in our hands to move ahead with. Anyway, I've come up with a lovely collaboration with this brand called The Pink Seam .

They have lovely range of outfits and the best part is there comfort. I chose this double split maxi dress which was totally giving me this 80s vibes. As you all know, I kinda like to live in the past sometimes, hence I'm always inspired by the past eras cause of the colour play, aesthetics, prints and the classy essence. So below are few pictures of the way I styled it.

I hope you guys liked the way I styled it. To get your hands on such outfits check the link today itself. All the outfit details will be mentioned below.

Looking forward for your inputs in my post. I love you all for the constant support throughout my days. It all means a lot to me.

Outfit details-

The Pink Seam


Deeksha Tiwari

Editing and styling-

Archita Rajkumari



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