|Flowers of December|


Happy days and nights to every soul out there who’s reading this. Well, I wanted to ask all of you like how do you guys manage to deal with the sudden outburst of this so called thing Life. I pretty much hate things that blocks my energy and dominates over my free flowing nature of life. Since we all are struggling with life and it’s miraculous surprises, I believe we all are brave souls.

Anyway, I came up with this bold yet beautiful look for all the sassy people out there. It’s summers and go bold! Don’t fret who’s gonna judge you or not, just be yourself and be beautiful. People are always gonna judge you no matter what you do: right or wrong, hence be you completely, be the right person and you’re the happiest.

This whole post I named behind this beautiful song that I’m currently obsessed with. Also, it goes well with my outfit kinda. Also,I am a winter person more and I want all you girlies out there to be the flowers of your life. You’ll find the outfit details at the end so please enjoy this post and ask me anything or share your views in the comment section below.

I had also teamed this jumpsuit with a striped blazer just to mix and match. 

I hope you guys liked this post about being carefree this summers and slay the world with love and style. 

I’ll be coming up with few more posts for summer outfits and ideas. Till then let me know about this post in the comment section below. 

Much love.

Archita ❤️

Outfit details

Elise jumpsuit- Stalkbuylove

Heels- Talons D’or

Bag- Bagsbyanqi

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