From the rust

Hey guys!!!

As you all know, I’m one of the laziest person on earth and also, a lost one too so wasn’t being much active in blogging. Anyway, this is one of my pending blog posts that I was piling onto myself since a while and since it’s officially summers and time to bid winters a good bye, so here is my post biding a sad goodbye to winters and springs! 

I sometimes wonder how to deal with the thought of not being where you belong to. I mean I generally feel that I don’t belong here like the place where I’m dwelling right now as I can never be a part of this society man! This is very suffocating for me to adjust with such judgemental thoughts, such crudity of people around and think so much before doing or telling things. I generally don’t have this habit of putting a filter in my mouth before saying things as I just blabber my thoughts out loudly to people openly without giving a shit. I think, I am surviving by not giving a shit about what others gonna think of me cause I pretty much am sure about my intentions and I truly believe in being good to everyone around and be free to express anything in your heart. That’s what I do!

Maybe, share your thoughts regarding your views with me in the comments section below? 

Okay, now back to my post where I love all of these pictures as we had a great time shooting it and I love love love this outfit for some reason. So here are the pictures and scroll till the end for the outfit details. 

This metallic skirt and the floral printed bomber jacket is my personal favourites. I love mixing and matching trends a lot and that’s how I experiment with my styles and clothes. I suggest you to try this trend of mixing Metallics with florals.

I’ll be coming up with more posts as summers are in officially so more of summer posts! Till then take care of yourself and live life and ping me on my social media if you are bored of life, I’ll accompany you always.

Much love-

Archita ❤️

Outfit details

Metallic skirt- Zara

Bomber jacket- forever21

Mesh tee shirt- Zara


Sunnies- Dukaanandco


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