Lonesome evening

Hello Fam,

Hope all of you’re doing well in life. March is here and so is spring. Springs are one of my favourites after autumn and winter. I hate summer to be really honest as in India, summers suck you up until you’re left with tanned skin and dry hair. Anyway, lets not bitch about summers. 

Let me talk about myself here as I hardly express things through my blogs until and unless it’s a poem or anything as such. Currently, I’m 23 and I’ve no idea where life is taking me. I was an extrovert and now I’ve turned to be a complete introvert. Yes some days I’m so happy that I’ll bloom like a flower and some days I’ll be dark like the colour black. I am just trying to flow with the wind of life. I’m wandering into people, into places and into things that I’ve never discovered earlier. Let’s hope that we all end up where we all want to be.

So, here is a photoessay of a lonesome evening that I had spent in a beautiful cafe in Delhi. I tried to keep my outfit very subtle with a classic white shirt and a metallic skirt. I’ll post all the details in the end. Here, have a look.

That’s all. Never did a photoeassy so thought of trying a hand. If you like it please give a thumbs up!

Also I’m coming up with few more posts.

Please share and follow me to stay updated.

I love you guys😘



Shirt- MangoIndia

Metallic Skirt- ZaraIndia

Shoes- Talons D’or

Photography by Avi


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