Sally in mustard

Hey all my lovelies!

Hope all of you’re having a great time and also, it’s spring or you can say, summers (in Delhi) so time to bloom like a beautiful flower, enjoy the breeze and sip a cup of coffee while you groove in that song of yours.

Well, that’s what Spring is for me. I’m pretty much an ambivert kinda person so I pretty much enjoy with myself a lot of things that are meant to be appreciated in today’s world. So spring is the season of love, colours, all things beautiful. Since Valentine’s Day had just passed by and I was wondering around few places just to enjoy my own time and also, appreciate things as much as I could.

They say, life is all about what you think. They say, you become what you think of. Maybe they all are right but I feel life is a lot of other things as well. Not just your thoughts but your actions, your words, your vibes, everything shapes everything in this world and also, shapes you at the end. Lets not go to the philosophical side of me and here are few pictures of my spring streetstyle that I thought to come up with.

I hope you enjoy them and hope to inspire all of you in some way or other.

I love to carry this colour during springs as they give you the perfect vibe of the season. Since I’m more of a person who chooses comfort before anything else so yes, I thought of choosing this mustard jumpsuit and paired it with my current favourite boots and a belt to give my body a fit look and since it’s little bit breezy so my another favourite floral jacket that I paired with my whole outfit and I’m good to go anywhere in this world. 

Hope you liked my Spring look and please give me thumbs up if you like it and also, put your views in the comment section below. I love you guys so much for constantly inspiring me for who I am today.

Coming up with few more posts. Till then stay tuned with me.

Much love to all.


Outfit details

Mustard jumpsuit-

Ankle length Boots-

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Photography by Abhilash Agrawal


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