Like a Jodi 

Hey guys,

Welcome back to my blog like after so long! And hey, it’s a new year and yes, finally I managed to post a blog for you guys. 2016 just went so swiftly that I couldn’t realise the things that were happening around me. Also, it proved to be a great year for me. Hopefully, this new year also proves to be great for everyone of us and we all achieve milestones in life! 

Anyway, I’m back with a new post with Collaboration with this brand called TheJodiLife. It’s one of my favourite brands as I love their prints and also, they design some very quirky clothes to slay. Here is the denim printed kurta that I had styled with a middle slit skirt and boots. Also, I had added suspenders from Dukanandco.

Also I had styled it with a skirt too give it a little twist but you can always go without the skirt.

So that’s a short post on styling a denim kurta without or with a skirt and how you can make a kurta look so quirky.

Anyway, Happy new year guysss and tons of love from my side!!!

See you again with another post.

Till then stay fine and happy!




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