Hey guys!

Did you realise that we are almost towards the end of this year?? What the hell happened with the whole year? Was I sleeping! Damn. It’s November! And also my favourite season Winter is here.

So before it’s fully cold and freezing and my posts are irrelevant I want to post this last outfit idea for the autumns to rock on with.

I named it Perth as you guys all know how I always prefer to go with my gut than any logic. This outfit is pretty simple and casual which anybody can rock without any hesitation. Currently, my personal comfy quotient includes this dress to go on any casual date or day out with friends or an outing as well. Here’s the look. 

I generally pair a pumps or sneaker pair to give it a sporty look but this time I just paired a strappy ones to make it look a lil girlish and also, these strappy ones are super comfy. Also, you can accessorise by adding a hat. As also the winters are coming, you can team this up with a long trench coat or shrug to keep yourself warm.

I hope you guys enjoyed this simple post that I had done for you guys. Let me know if any ideas crop up in your head or anything else in the comments section below!

Stay tuned int hai space for more and please subscribe to my blog to see more.

Much love,




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