Musings from here and there.

Hello, Peeps!

How have you been? Hoping that you guys are rocking everyday of your life. Well, I’ve been sick lately and hence, the delay to my new posts. As we all know, life is unexpected and always in motion no matter whatever it is, you need to keep moving along with the flow or against the flow but you just can’t keep standing still for a longer period of time.

Anyway, enough of the share and the care so let’s get back to this post. This post is mostly for every kind of girl out there from the bold soul to the boho one to the sporty rocker. Well, I just got inspired from the great Kim K and thought of adding a flavour of mine to the dress. So basically, it’s a body hugging khaki dress that I had styled in two different ways.

So this is a dress that can never go wrong if you know how to and what to pair it with. I feel I’ve always had some love for the khaki colour and anything in this colour as it really can complement every skin tone and every body shape. I’m not much of a make up person as I prefer being raw hence, I just thought of keeping it simple by just complementing the dress with a maroon lip colour and a statement heels and a nude classic watch.

The Shirt Way

Now, I thought why not overlap something above it and see how it comes out. No doubt that the dress is really bold and sexy on its own but still if you don’t feel like being bold then you can go for this 1st look.






So, this is how I had styled the dress. The white over-sized shirt is from my dad’s closet. I wrapped a belt around my waist for a better shape and to add a bohemian flavor to this sexy khaki dress, I wore a headband. If you don’t wanna wear the dress simply then you can put on a shirt like this and tie a belt and you’re good to go.


The Top Way

This time I thought of wearing a black lacy crop top above the dress and teamed it up with a pair of white sports shoes to add a sporty look. It’s not always necessary to wear a dress with a pair of heels or a pair of flats. As you all know that now a days, the trend of teaming up a dress with a pair of sports shoes or a pair of plimsolls or espadrilles is very in and is also very comfortable for a day out with friends or a night out as well. Here’s the second look below.

This is a very comfy way to wear a dress and I added a touch of my land-Assam. I thought of accessorizing it with a traditional necklace of Assam called Dhulbiri. You can team it up with any crop top of your choice and make it look like a body hugging skirt.

The outfit details for both the looks are as follows-

Khaki body hugging dress- Zara

Heels- Valentino

White over-sized shirt- Dad’s closet

Headband- Forever 21

Belt- Sarojini Market, Delhi

White shoes- Adidas neo 

Black lace crop top- Sarojini market, Delhi

That’s all for this post. I would love to know your views and ideas about it. Please put forward your views and comments below in the box and let me know whether you like it or not. I hope this post proves to be helpful enough for you all.

Much Love to all my amazing people. ❤️


Picture Credits- My only partner in crime, Milind Malik (@lonewalkerdiaries on instagram)






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