Launch of DivaRose by Simran Aggarwal

Hello Lovelies,

Hope you all are having a lovely time. I just got back to Delhi, to the heart of the country from a pleasant one month stay in the south. Well, in this post I’m going to talk about the launch party I had attended just right after I had landed in the city.

DivaRose is the boutique launched by this extremely talented designer from NIFT Simran Aggarwal, who had successfully come up with such beautiful designs and elegant styles that she had showcased in her boutique. Each and every dress had the touch of grace and beautiful colours and sequin work had been done on the dresses. I’m a big time lover of one coloured dresses and bold and elegant stuffs. Hence, I personally loved the work so much as the colours were so beautifully picked by her that they were complementing every skin tone.

In this launch party, I got to meet a lot of talented bunch of bloggers along with my school friend, who’s a blogger too. Hence, the launch was quite happening as all the fashionable people and stuffs at one place with some wine and cheese to make it better for all. I got the opportunity to try one of her collection and it really had a lovely fitting accentuating my body shape.

This is the lovely dress I tried from the collection and it is one of my favourites from her collection. The whole collection is based on the idea of accentuating the inner diva in every women. I am pretty sure every women would find their favourites in her collection.

All the bloggers with the lovely Simran Aggarwal during the bloggers meet.

So, for any kind of occasion coming up and you find nothing to wear, just visit DivaRose by Simran Aggarwal at B-14, Lajpat Nagar-2, New Delhi.

I hope you guys would visit her store soon and anything you wanna ask me, just let me know in the comments below.

Stay tuned as I’m coming up with some exciting posts.

Much love to all.



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