Hello Lovelies,

I hope you guys are rocking this summer. Well, currently I am in Hyderabad and it has never been so pleasant here. It has been all breezy and rainy since the day I had landed in this city. It’s almost the time towards the end of my stay here in this amazing city of Nawabs. Before leaving this place, I thought of shooting my first official collaboration in this city itself just to keep this whole trip as a lovely memory captured in pictures.

Well, this whole post is gonna be about how I have styled a single dress in two ways. This is for all those people like me, who loves to experiment with clothes and trends. I generally don’t like to follow the crowd and the ongoing trends blindly. I love to experiment and make my own trends or recreate something out of it. In this post, I will also talk about choker and how it came into the fashion scene.


Choker was basically associated with the ballerinas and the upper class in the late 19th century. However, at the same time, a plain thin black or red choker was also associated with the prostitution class in the late 19th century. Now, this whole choker trend is back in the fashion industry with a variety of improvisations. The one I am wearing is completely hand woven by the women of the Hampi. The details of these handcrafted chokers are beautiful and I mostly prefer such traditional ones as they add an amazing flavor to the whole outfit. You can find such hand woven ones easily at the streets of Janpath and Paharganj of Delhi, India.


Well, now let’s go back to my look that I have styled with this lovely and super comfy tie-dye dress that I got from Stalkbuylove.com.  It is one of the best material to carry on with during this scorching heat and also, as we all know, ruffles are in too! Well, to be honest, I am really glad that the 90’s fashion trends are just back again as those times were the golden times in the fashion industry. I personally, am a vintage lover from fashion to cars to any other antique goods along with music, of course! 

Bluesy Look 1 for the day

I have just simply styled the dress with a choker and kept minimal accessories except for a ring to go with it. All I felt the necessity to tie a thin brown belt around my upper waist to give the dress a better look and none can go wrong with a belt.  Since, the dress itself  is such a statement piece so I didn’t want to overlap it’s charm. This is for all those times when you don’t feel like wearing anything fancy during the day time and keep it simple yet stylish. Here are some pictures from the look 1.

_MG_0210 _MG_0279_MG_0287


Created by fCoder Graphics Processor



I also replaced my choker with a scarf if you aren’t comfortable with a choker or think that it’s not your style then you can just simply wrap a scarf around your neck. Here, I had used an animal printed scarf that was gifted to me by a friend of mine. You find such kind of scarves mostly in Sarojini Nagar for very cheap at around Rs 100 or even less than that sometimes. Here’s the look with the scarf wrap on.




The second look I styled it for mostly an evening occasion. This is for those days when you hardly find time to change your clothes and you need to attend two events on the same day. Well, nobody wants to look the same on both the events and hence, I came up with this look as I love experimenting with clothes and trends. So, this is basically an outfit mixing and matching stripes with dyes. I turned the tie-dye dress into a peplum skirt and I teamed it up with A striped turtle neck top from H&M. I made sure to carry a belt to tie it around my waist for a better tugged look and accessorized the whole outfit with a watch and a pair of earrings. I generally keep myself very low with accessories as I love being minimal. So, here’s the look. Hope you guys love it. 




That’s the way I teamed this dress up in two different ways. I hope you guys had enjoyed reading it. Let me know in the comments below if you guys come up with some more ideas and also, if you guys want me to come up with more such ideas of mixing and matching. I had fun doing this as the weather was pretty awesome. I hope to hear from you lovelies.I will be coming up with such more outfit ideas and posts so stay tuned and subscribe to my blog if you all loved it. I will be mentioning the outfit details for both the looks below.

Enjoy your days and live your life to the fullest.



Outfit Details

  • Tie dye Sway dress- Stalkbuylove 
  • Shoes- Zara
  • Choker- Handcrafted from Hampi
  • Striped top- H&M
  • Earrings- Westside stores
  • Watch- Aldo


Photography by Shavya Sharma @shavyasharma on Instagram.


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