Into the city of ruins

I just had no idea that I would actually visit this amazing site of India. I’m basically a core believer of any kind of religion and its mythology. I am love to explore and read about various mythology regarding any kind of place and religion as they are so intriguing. Hence, I decided to make a trip to this beautiful city of ruins recognised by UNESCO as its heritage site called Hampi located in Karnataka, India.

It is basically a small village residing in Karnataka that consists hardly a population of 500 people in total. This place is magical as it has many myths and truths dated centuries and centuries back.

1st mythological story

As in the Hindu mythology, we worship Lord Shiva. This place is known to be as the place where Lord Shiva married Goddess Pampa (another version of Goddess Parvati) and you will find numerous mythological spots and temples of Lord Shiva.

2nd mythological story

We all know about the great Ramayana where Lord Rama met Lord Hanuman, who helped him to rescue Goddess Sita from the Evil Ravana. This place is known to be the place where Lord Rama came to meditate and encountered Lord Hanuman who proved his devotion towards him by opening his heart and showing Lord Rama’s photos in his heart. Well, I won’t go into the details of it as we all have been hearing and reading about it since we were kids. Hence, you will literally see the spot where Lord Rama had bore water from the rocks by his bow arm. I know hard to believe a lot of things I will be mentioning here but I saw it through my own eyes and it all stunned me. Therefore I am here telling you all about it.

3rd mythological story 

In the late 1296, after the arrival of Alla-Udin-Khilji, entire South India was invaded and disturbed by these foreign invaders and the history of the four dynasties and Vijaynagar kingdom came into existence. You will get to see all the ruins of the palaces and temples that were destructed by these foreign invaders.

This whole one day journey had taught me a lot of things about people, history, culture and life. I met this amazing artist from Bangalore who used to be an engineer and how he decided to follow his passion at the later age of his life and ended up being a lovely sculptor and a zentangling artist.

This whole city is so rich from every possible way of life and has so much to teach you. I couldn’t be happier to live one day of my life in this beautiful magical site surrounded by history, geography and culture that inspired me enough to be a better person in life.

Guys, I have compiled few of the moments spent in Hampi in a small video for you people to have a look at it and pack your bags and go to this place. I tried my best to put everything in a simple way. Hope you all will appreciate it.

A special thanks to my super cool tourist guide Ranjith without whom I could’ve never trekked through the age old Rocky Mountains, ride an auto in my life and experience all these lovely sites.

Enjoy the video and leave your views below. Much love to all. ❤️


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