From me to us.

Hey guys, I’m on a bus right now travelling to a heritage site called Hampi that is located in Karnataka, from Hyderabad. Since 2015 onwards I have been so addicted to travelling alone to places and exploring people, food and the beauty in them that it has become a process of my life to do it once a year. I will post about it too once I will be back from it. 

This post is about something else that I had realised since a day. I generally compile my realisations into words and hence, the post. It’s been a really long time that I haven’t posted anything about  lifestyle. I was busy struggling to keep things in an order and was struggling to find peace and bliss wherever I went and in whatever I did.

I know you’ve heard it a lot of times and probably are bored of reading it in every self help book, listen and watch it in every self help video but all of them are right. It is very important to take care of our own selves to succeed, bring a difference and build a better and a healthier world all together. Self should be clean and healthy to proceed further. Today people are always stressed and every one out of five people I meet are either depressed or just somehow overcame it. To be honest, even I had suffered from clinical depression for an year and had to beat it with pills and potions but at the end, all I realised is that only I could bring an end to it. So I kept on trying by myself by indulging into yoga, meditation and read numerous self help books and watched numerous videos to get out of depression.

At the end of the year, I somehow could come out of depression and fight with it. During this period, people generally have very low self esteem and confidence. They feel like nothing works out and nothing good can happen anymore but this is just a phase of life where we learn the hard way to love ourselves and embrace ourselves to the core. See, every soul in this world is perfect in their own terms and conditions so rather than comparing with others we should start loving ourselves and preserve our perfections and embrace them. I believe this is one of the biggest reason of depression in today’s world cause we look at others and hope to be like them. Envying is good but at the same time embracing is important too. Why do we forget that we are perfect within ourselves? Why do we try to achieve the best body like Kim Kardashian or whosoever? Why do we even compare our love lives with someone else’s? How can be my love be same like yours? How can my relationships be similar to yours? There’s no way that me and you can be comparable cause you have gone through a different struggle and I have gone through a different one even though we might end up at the same results at the end. Hence there’s no point of comparison I believe. I’ve grown up in a very pampered and loving conditions and my childhood conditions were completely different to what might had been yours. Therefore, we all are different and unique amongst ourselves and this is the reason this world has millions of souls unlike to one another yet all are beautiful in their own terms and all shines just like the million stars out there in the sky. 

Loving yourself is so important that you can’t even imagine. I myself have realised this fact and I bet on it that every author and video maker who had written and made those self help books and videos, each one of them has realised this either the hard way or the easy way, mostly hard way I believe but this is why each one of them speaks the same law of loving yourself. I am going to say the same thing.

Love yourself to the core and respect yourself beneath that soul. It’s not wrong to think about yourselves first than others cause it’s Me first and then Us. First I came and that’s how the world has expanded from me. So I have to care and love myself first to love and care for others. I have to bring the change in me to bring a change as a whole in this world. I have to keep myself clean to have a cleaner world. If I don’t exist then this world can’t exist. From ME it has become US.

 Yes there are limitations to everything in this world so self-love to turn into self-ish has also it’s own terms. I think we all are wise enough to know the fine boundary of humanity cause I believe we all are a good bunch of human beings. The bad and good will always co-exist within each other. It’s upto us how we realise it and control it. 

All I wanted to say is take care of yourself, love yourself, respect yourself cause at the end it has to be you for everything in this world to work as a whole. So be dependent on yourself and know who you are, and after finding out whoever and however you are, just embrace that self and move towards the light of this universe. I believe that’s how we all move forward and shine as a whole.

I hope you guys like what I have written down. I hope my message reaches each one of you. 

Much love to all.❤️




  1. Yes indeed , loving urself n being happy is the best way cuz until n unless u dont love n respect urself , people wont.. I loved what u wrote n happy that u have finally overcomed ur depression n also proud that u r enlightening others to do the same.. Love u lots😘

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