Hey peeps! 

I’ve been recently obsessing over the colour white and the tones of it. I think white is one of the most graceful colour that defines purity and happiness. It suits everyone I feel cause it adds a brighter side to everyone’s personality and gets the charm out of it. Here are few of the pictures below. 

The cropped shirt is one of my favourites as it gives a complete different outlook to the outfit. I got it from Guangzhou, China. The trends over there are mostly kinda chic yet sporty that you can carry on everywhere without a second thought. 

The jeggings are just a normal Zara pair that is one of the most comfy pair to hop around. 

The shoes I have been wearing everywhere as I’m in love with these espadrilles. The ya re so ready to go and hop kinda and also funky at the same time. They are from Forever 21. 

The watch is one of my grandfather’s collections since his time. So it’s an antique for me to preserve it and also, it goes really well with every outfit I wear.

I hope you guys like what I have posted as I’m not much of a fancy blogger and also, I prefer being natural and raw so are my posts. I’m open to any and every kind of comments and views. 

Much love to all.❤️



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