Sly bounce

 And summers are back with a bang! 

Well, I just think the best way to beat it is by keeping yourself hydrated and also, I know how hard it is to just decide what to wear and what not to. I just came up with something sporty and fun for this summer to just hop around and bounce to this heat with a beat.

 I teamed up a two side splitter dress with a white cotton high waisted shorts from H&M and teamed it up with the Adidas Neo Shoes collection. Well, I suggest you guys should check the Adidas Neo collection, if you haven’t. I’m sure you will love it as it’s very light and comfy to slip into and roam the whole day in it.

I feel this outfit is quite comfy to carry on with for any kinda sporty yet fun look. I hope you guys appreciate it and hope I inspire you enough. I’m open to any kind of suggestion or outfit ideas. Please comment below for any views and queries.

Dress-Flea market

Shoes-Adidas Neo Shoes

High waisted Shorts-H&M

Much love to my peeps❤️


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