The Soul and The Spirit

Have you ever felt something deeper than your physical heart or mind?
Like we all talk about soul and spirit in our life. Don’t we?
Well, from my experience and the way things come to me I’ve seen and felt things deeper. Actually we all have felt and seen things deeper than just our physicality. Some of us realize and sone don’t according to our beliefs.


So here, I’m gonna talk about Soul and Spirit. Most of us overlap both of them and believe both of them as one. From what I’ve felt and seen, Soul is a part of Spirit. Soul is meant to learn and grow from it but Spirit is the light within us which guides us throughout our life. Soul comes to the world to learn new lessons and grow accordingly and Spirit is the sole power behind it.
I know we all think it to be the synonyms of each other but if we look deeper into it, we see both as different and special. I might be wrong in few contexts but what I have observed and felt, I have written it down. The Spirit is the Power or you can say the Faith within us which is keeping us alive metaphysically. The Soul is the heart of our life which is constantly learning and growing and in a way, giving us reasons to live.
Hence, The Soul and The Spirit are immortal like our deeds and thoughts. Hope we all live our life to be remembered for beautiful uniqueness of our souls and live the immortality of our spirits.
Much love.


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