Change, the only constant.

When you try to communicate in a complete different level than what you’re in now, it gets very difficult for the other person to accept the changes in you. They have always wanted you the way you were when you’ve had met them but I feel and I’ve seen that you keep changing with time and situations and those changes are the only constants of your life which decides whether you’re growing towards the right direction or towards the wrong direction.   
Yes, it was difficult for me to accept the changes in the people who are close to me personally but as I’ve grown with time, I myself have faced this changeable phenomenon.


So I feel change is good. Our life is always in motion starting from the daily activities. Have you ever stopped moving? Have you ever kept sitting or kept sleeping or kept eating forever? 5o move forward, for our duties, our responsibilities, we always have been in motion.  That’s the principle of life.
Hence, change is a motion of our life. From internal to external, from physical to mental, we always have had changes occurring in us voluntarily or involuntarily, with our notice or without our notice; but changes take place with time. I believe that is what we need to accept and learn. That is the only reason why people talk about change as the only constant as it’s happening constantly nomatter whatever are the conditions.


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