The corrupted Indian youths waiting on the world to change.

So what is the right thing to do?
Don’t you get that question in your head all the time? Well, I do. A lot. Yesterday I was standing in a queue of 10 to 12 people in order to submit a draft in the bank. As the closing time was near, he had tend to work slower by throwing tantrums. Moreover, it was more than an hour we people had been waiting in the same queue and weren’t moving forward as there were some students overtaking us in order to finish their job sooner than us. I know we, Indians are very corrupted and selfish but I didn’t expect it to be in such minute stuffs like this. And as Indians, we are also deaf and dumb cause we would watch a person die rather than facing the trouble of saving that person.
Hence, all of the people in the queue were quiet and kept waiting until it was 10 minutes to the closing time. I kept on blabbering to the former person who was waiting in the same queue and as time was passing, I gave up my silence. I went to the counter and shouted with my broken and husky voice at the people who were just creating a huge crowd by overtaking. As I couldn’t speak louder due to my broken voice, I tried to scream at the top as much aa I could telling them what they were upto. Guess what?? I was the only one shouting out there all alone and the rest of the girls and the boys were standing like I was committing some kinda crime by fighting for the right.  So,what else I could’ve expected! Moreover, those people out of shame started defending themselves that they created a different queue. Shameless bunch, right?
Evenif they did the wrong thing, they’ll not stop talking and will instead act like some haughty kings and queens. Somehow things got settled a little as thankfully, some guys out of shame supported me by raising their voice. The queue was moving forward and my turn finally came. Just right at that moment, a batchmate of mine arrived at the counter trying to overtake me. As I looked at him and told him to stand in the queue, he asked me to submit his draft too along with mine. I did my work and then I submitted his after mine. Then there was a voice from a guy standing after me saying that’s not fair as they’ve been standing in the queue since so long and me helping that friend by not letting him break the queue wasn’t fair to him and the rest.


Picture by Kaustav Das

So, I was just surprised to see him react such obscenely.  When I was all alone fighting for all the people in the queue, for our rights, then he had no voice but when I agreed to help my friend without letting him break the queue, he could come up with his selfish voice. Such a cynical India. Such cynicism in us. I didn’t expect the youths of India to be just the same as those of the rest of the Indians. Selfish and corrupted socially. We talk about change. We expect that the youth will bring change to the world, forget about the world but to India. This is what our youth is upto. Following a simple rule of standing in a queue was not possible for them so what change you’re expecting from them? What change we are supposed to expect from the youths like us?
I am so disappointed after what I had encountered yesterday. We people have to fight for the right in such minute things and places and there will be none to support your voice. As I said, Indians would rather watch a person get killed than saving him and turning the table of troubles towards them.
So, yes a huge round of applaud to the coming youth generation of India. 
I would love to hear from you guys, specially the youths like me who’d actually chose to fight for the right than to just be dumb about it. Would you speak for the right or just stay quiet cause you don’t want to embarass yourselves? Do you think there’s a lot to change in ourselves rather than trying to change others? Do you think India will ever be a better and a less corrupted country with the attitude like this? What are the youths upto with trends as such? Just getting an Iphone or a luxury car or Louis Vuitton bags will help India develop? Don’t you think we are way more concerned about having luxury lives than developing our mindsets?
Yes, I love Iphones, Louis Vuitton and Cars and I would also get them but I’d also love to have an open mind and bring some changes to myself (if I am wrong) and to this country.
I just hope I meet genuine people who actually cares for the country’s economy and status rather than their own status. I hope we get to show off our country’s richness than our ownselves!


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