Everything happens for a reason, isn’t it?

Thinking of few instances in the past, I started analysing the influences of those instances upon my life. There’s a saying, “everything happens for a reason and it happens for good.”
Well, I agree to that completely. I’ve been through some terrible things which I’ve never imagined of as a child never in my dreams. Things happen and you tend to break gradually as they continue to deposit all those grains in those heart’s corners. The more is the deposition, the more is the shattering but I feel as the deposition of those grains continue, we become stronger and stronger every single moment cause your heart gets used to it and tries to find ways to adjust with it. In the early stages of those instances, we try to run from it and find ways to settle and force things upon ourselves as well as others.
Things doesn’t run that smoothly until you actually feel the smoothness for real. Somebody said it true, like attracts like. Hence, it’s the same in the real as well as reel life. The stronger you feel, the things get easier for you to deal with. That’s something related to what we read in our childhood books, the law of attraction and interestingly, its for real.
So its all about positivity. Be an optimist and the ways come speeding towards you. It’s not always winters. Sun has to shine a day, earth has to rotate and bam! There’s summer waiting for you with all its glory and warmth.


No matter what happens, there’ll always be the good days. No matter how chilly it is or how sunny it is, we all get to enjoy our favourite season of the year.
So whatever happens, it has a huge reason and a good one. Always remember, God has its own plans for our dreams and aspirations.
This is for all the beautiful souls out there shining bright. Have a great day and hopefully, you move forward with optimisim every day and night.


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