Sacrifice, can you?

Have you heard of the word ‘sacrifice’?
Well,can you ever sacrifice something or someone you love for a cause?
I wonder how our parents sacrificed their wants cause of us. I wonder how our big brothers or sisters shared their favourite stuffs with us for our happiness.
Well,I never had any siblings so I didn’t know how it’d feel but I think,I was less selfish when I was a teen cause I could leave behind my favourite stuffs or persons for somebody else. Now as I turned into an adult,my heart just skips a beat every time I think of leaving behind my favorite people for somebody else’s happiness or to respect the nature’s call.


Yes,I’m selfish when it comes to sacrifice the place where my heart found home cause of someone’s happiness or wish. I’m not a materialistic person. Yeah go ahead! Take away my stuffs but my people? Hell no! I can’t. Probably,I’ve been trying hard to attain that art of sacrificing for good,good of someone else,good of this world. It’s difficult,you know. It’s been difficult now when I entered into this ‘adult’ world where I lost my simplicity somewhere in between surviving and living.
Have you ever or could you ever give up the person you love for somebody or nature? Think it over and let me know,if possible.  🙂



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