Give Ranjha her Heer
Give her that essence to breathe for her love.                      
Ranjha can’t fly without Heer
Heer is her wings so is Ranjha for him.
She ain’t a free bird.
She ain’t a blooming flower
She ain’t a living soul
All she does is waiting for her Heer.
All she does is worshipping her Heer.
The love,only love she was born for
And the love,only love she will die for.

I never knew the whole story about Heer-Ranjha even though I heard about it a lot.
I knew that they were the names for love. I knew that they were the Romeo Juliet of India. Why Heer’s name came before Ranjha? I got fascinated by this thing. Even Romeo’s name came before Juliet!
Well,I have no idea about the amount of love they had for each other but I think there are so many Ranjhas desperately waiting for their Heers to come by and embrace them forever. This is one such feeling about a Ranjha of this magical world.



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