Hearts and chances.

There are some soft hearts behind those hard shells and some tough hearts behind those soft shells.


Well,also some are soft from inside out and some are hard. Hearts can never behave like a stone no matter what. There’s always a weak point for every heart of this world. There’s always an ending for every good and bad thing.
Have you ever felt for someone who’s just a mere friend? Like a hang out buddy for years but one sudden night,one sudden moment,you felt a zing?
I think we all have such people,such sudden zings which died or probably lived for some. For me? I could never understand the feeling that well. I was always baffled by the future consequences or some stupid past shits.
I tell you those sudden zings are beautiful.


Have you found your love yet? By love I mean someone with whom you’re sure of spending your lifetime with that person. If yes,it’s really a lovely thing. If no then just pause for a minute or two and look back at your life. Look back and see all those moments when you wanted to stop the time for a particular person,all those chances that you missed cause of failures,all those people whom you pushed away cause you wanted better,better than them.
I’m sure you’ll find your answer when your heart smiles upon a particular person. Go ahead and find out.
Happy days ahead people!
Stay high with positivity. Peace.


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