The Interval

There’s this interval between the heart and the soul called isolation. I think I’m living in that interval where I dont have to speak anything as all I need to do is listen,listento the stories of nature. This restless heart is in search of solitude from this world of chaotic minds. When I walk all alone with my headphones on,all alone in the streets,I just happen to love that feeling. The feeling of solitude. There’s only me and the beautiful nature to share my thoughts and feel each other.

The feeling when the autumn leaves shed over me and kisses my skin rejuvenating my soul is bliss. The rough dried lifeless leaves shares its story of life with me. How it is grateful to the mother earth for the beautiful gift called life. How it struggles from its birth to sustain its longevity till this time of the year.
It says,everybody has its own time of life which no force can change. We can experience miracles in our lives or we can be the miracles by ourselves.
Solitude gives you so much to learn from the small little unnoticed things of life.
Nature has so much to speak to us.
Men are deaf.


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